Rosa Covington Packard | Educator

Rosa Covington Packard, age 80, died on February 22, 2016, after a long illness. A longtime resident of Greenwich, CT, she was born in New York City and grew up in Princeton, New Jersey.

A 1956 graduate of Vassar College, she received her Montessori diploma in 1963, and worked for many years as an educational consultant to Montessori schools. She designed and led Montessori teacher training workshops around the country, including at the at Oglala Lakota reservation at Pine Ridge, South Dakota, where she was affectionately given the nickname, "Pepper."

Her daughters, Caroline and Andrea, and son, Wells, went to Montessori schools. Her 1972 book about the Montessori method, The Hidden Hinge, continues to be used in Montessori teacher training courses today.

A passionate advocate for civil rights, and a generous host and mentor to people experiencing personal difficulties, she joined the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in 1976, serving as clerk of Stamford-Greenwich Friends Meeting and later becoming an active member of Purchase Friends Meeting and New York Yearly Meeting, and serving on the board of Friends World College. As a trainer and volunteer for the Alternatives to Violence Project, she gave conflict resolution workshops in prisons. In 1980, she founded Friends Peace Center, where she provided draft-registration counseling to conscientious objectors, advocated for Quaker testimonies and causes, including Friends Peace Teams and the Peace Tax Fund, and designed and led community mediation training workshops in New York State and the United Kingdom.

Her marriage, to Edward Packard, ended in divorce in 1972. She is survived by her children, Caroline, Andrea, and Wells and six grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers, contributions to the American Civil Liberties Union are welcomed.

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